With the slogan of 'caring humanity' Human Care Initiative is dedicated to support the under privileged section of the society in UK and the third world countries. It aims at assisting those elderly people of UK who are suffering from Dementia, Alzheimer's and other long term health conditions like Arthritis and depression and enabling them to live independently. It also provides support to the vulnerable people with low income especially from the ethnic minority background. With a view to tackling hunger and helping the distressed children, it works actively with other similar groups and organisations as well. Our youth care project encourages young people to have a drug free life. Human Care Initiative runs a number of projects in Bangladesh. The disables, orphans, victims of social injustice, unemployed and under privileged people who are being denied from their rights, are ensured the provisions of equality in education, housing and health care services, employment opportunities and women empowerment. It also runs projects on environmental issues. We have already operated projects with highly satisfactory outcomes and have more to be launched soon. We raise money by organising fund raising events, street collections, donation from sponsors, donators and volunteers. The money is distributed fairly under a close monitoring by our trustee members.